1. Find dealer within your region

Select your region from the dropdown list, then click "Find dealers" button; or click the region on the map directly.

2. Check dealer information

In the popup of the window, all Bosch dealers belong to the region will be listed with detail information, e.g. name, address, contact info...etc.

3. View dealer location on Google map

If the address of the dealer can be recognized by Google, additional Google map linkage will be provided below the dealer. You can click the linkage to view the dealer location on Google map.

4. Print out dealer information

If you want to print out any dealer information, you can click "Print" button on the right side of each dealer for individual printing; or click "Print all" button on the right corner of the popup window for whole region dealer printing.

5. Overview of total dealers

You can click "Show all dealers" button above the dealer map to have an overview of total dealers among all regions in the popup. Print function is also available.